5 Golf GPS Rangefinder Apps For Iphone 2018

You will find several golf GPS apps for the iPhone, so we reduce the field down to these worthy of the consideration. iPhone apps involve some compromises in comparison with devoted handheld golf GPS units but provide a lot of functionality. Bear in mind:
  • These apps consume a whole lot of energy, despite the fact that app developers have enhanced energy efficiency more than the years. Start off using a complete charge, and use power-save modes when accessible.
  • Phones usually are not water-resistant. Use a protective case or plastic bag in case of rain.
  • Spend consideration towards the scorecard and stats-tracking functions of every single app. Some have a lot more in-depth functionality in these categories than other people. Stats-hounds are probably to become happy with all the Golfshot Golf GPS app.

5 Golf GPS Rangefinder Apps For Iphone 2018

#1. Golfshot: Golf GPS for iPhone

Golfshot Golf GPS for iPhone
Golfshot now comes in two versions: "Classic" plus a "Plus Scorecard and Tee Times" edition. The Plus edition can also be compatible with Apple Watch. The Plus edition also greater graphics and flyovers than Classic.

Each versions of Golfshot possess the top-line characteristics, but in addition set themselves apart with best-in-class stats tracking and graphing. They automatically produce excellent colour graphics for fairways hit and missed (left or correct), greens in regulation, sand saves, putts per hole, and much more.

The course database contains 40,000-plus courses and is usually totally free to update.

Added attributes contain:

  • Zoomable aerial view with "TruePoint" touch targeting for distances.
  • Shot distance tracking.
  • Automatic course handicap calculator.
  • E-mailable scorecards.
  • Targets and hazards distances.
  • HD assistance for iPad.
  • Terrific stats visualizations.

#2. Hole19 GPS Rangefinder and Scorecard

Hole19 GPS Rangefinder and Scorecard
The Hole19 golf GPS app gives a great deal of bang for no bucks - it is free of charge.

We played several rounds with Hole19, and identified it comparable in a lot of approaches towards the outstanding apps around the industry that expense from $10 to $30.

The core of Hole19's functionality ?is its flyover view and distances screens. The flyover screen contains an aerial view in the hole, with total distance for the pin displayed within the prime correct.

You might tap at target icon and drag it to any point around the hole to obtain a distance to a fairway bunker or water hazard, for instance.

In the flyover screen, you could possibly pull down a menu that presents basic numerical readings for the front, center, along with the back from the green (at the same time because the hole quantity and par). You could also tap to set a beginning point for shot distance tracking.

#3. GolfLogix for iPhone

GolfLogix for iPhone
GolfLogix has steadily improved its golf GPS iPhone app to the point that it has broken into my top five picks. The latest version has a sharp, bright, easy-to-use interface built from the ground up for the iPhone.

Aerial views give a great look at each hole, and a summary screen provides distance to the center of the green, layup distance, and distances to hazards.

The scorecard is easy to use and has the look of a paper scorecard. You can easily measure shot distances with the GolfLogix app, and the stats utility captures and graphs a number of stats, including fairways hit, greens hit, and greens in regulation. Includes free handicap tracking.

#4. Mobitee Premium iPhone Golf GPS

Mobitee Premium iPhone Golf GPS
Mobitee is one of the top-downloaded iPhone golf GPS apps. There are versions for both iPhone and iPad.

Mobitee is distinguished by its free and included satellite and aerial views of each hole, as well as video flyovers for many holes. Golfers also like its simple, and easy-to-use interface.

  • Register distances you play each club.
  • Track scoring for up to four players. Set handicap to get net scores.
  • Distance to hole with ​a moveable target.
  • Search, list, and show on map nearby courses.
  • Rangefinder view with distances on-screen.

#5. Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS App

Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS App
Most golf GPS apps rely solely on aerial and satellite imagery to show individual golf holes, but Sonocaddie sets itself apart with bright color-map layout images of each hole.

These color layouts are provided in addition to aerial photos. The color layouts help you identify key course hazards and pop well visually in bright sunlight.

Sonocaddie also boasts a deep global course database of more than 40,000 courses. Sonocaddie has all the features you expect including touch-point positioning, shot distance measurement, and a digital scorecard.

Nikon Golf Rangefinder With Slope

If you are seeking an cost-effective golf rangefinder with slope that may provide you with every little thing that you just want and want, then quit proper right here.

If you need to save some funds, but nevertheless locate a higher performing rangefinder with out becoming “too cheap”, then I’ve got the brand for you personally.

You do not must quit on top quality, accuracy, or super cool functions to seek out a rangefinder that fits inside your spending budget. Just stick with this Nikon golf rangefinder with slope review and you will get the nitty gritty on Nikon’s COOLSHOT rangefinder line.

Best Nikon Golf Rangefinder With Slope For 2018

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i

The Nikon COOLSHOT 40i was released concurrently with all the Nikon COOLSHOT 40, and may be the most recent top-of-the-line golf laser rangefinder, like slope adjusted distances. The COOLSHOT 40i delivers a various colour scheme than the 40, a darker colour (possibly to imply that you're getting, ahem, help?), 6x magnification and scanning for as much as eight seconds. Distance accuracy is definitely an superb 0.five yard and variety as much as 650 yards, along with the device is rainproof as well. Should you are seeking for Nikon optics plus slope adjusted distances, right here it's.



Nikon truly gets around the ball with their new COOLSHOT 80i VR rangefinder. It is much more than just a slope device, it has Nikon’s Selectable ID Technologies. What does this imply? It implies that you are able to turn off slope and comply with USGA policy in tournament rounds.

The ID Technologies offers you slope adjusted distances for uphill and downhill shots. You will not be left coming up quick or going also far with slope technologies beneath your belt.

Leupold Golf Rangefinder With Slope 2018

You will find two present models of Leupold golf rangefinders with slope. The Leupold GX-2i and also the Leupold GX-4i2.

All Leupold laser rangefinders are strong performers, but what tends to make the Slope models stand out will be the added bells and whistles… A function named TGR (Correct Golf Variety) utilizes sophisticated algorithmic application that makes use of temperature, altitude and yardage to calculate the distance a shot will play. The Club Selector function utilizes information regarding your hitting distances that will help you with club choice. Given that you are breaking the guidelines anyway, why not get the further attributes Leupold supplies.

Best Leupold Golf Rangefinder With Slope 2018

Leupold GX-4i2

Leupold GX-4i2 (Slope)

- Now Legal for Tournament Play
- Yellow Faceplate unlocks non tournament attributes
- Accurate Golf Variety - (Slope)
- Club Selector
- On-line Typical $499

The large news for essentially the most current version of Leupold's highest finish golf rangefinder is the fact that it now conforms to USGA Rule 14-3, which normally indicates that it might be utilized in tournament play exactly where rangefinders are permitted. The genuinely exclusive function of this rangefinder is its changeable faceplates. When the yellow faceplate is attached the unit can access non tournament legal characteristics like Club Selector or Accurate Golf Variety (Leupold's version of slope or angle compensated readings. Nevertheless, by basically attaching the chrome faceplate these non tournament functions are disabled along with the unit could be utilised for tournament play. Note their happen to be many versions from the GX4 and to my understanding the newest may be the only one particular authorized for tournament play so make sure to seek out the most recent configuration the Leupold GX4i2 model #119088.

Leupold GX-2

Leupold GX-2

Leupold no longer has to possess a separate clip-on faceplate to allow slope-adjusted distance readings in an effort to abide by the USGA Guidelines. Having a rule update, so long as the DMD (that will be ‘Distance Measuring Device’) has the capability to turn off the capability to offer slope and/or slope-compensated distance readings, the player can make use of the devices for tournament play. Exactly where permitted, naturally. Tack on to that 6x magnification inside a lightweight device that, for Leupold, supplies exactly the same slope details for much less than their GX-4i2, and you are able to go.

Bushnell Golf Rangefinder With Slope 2018

The very best golf rangefinder with slope is not legal for tournament play, so pros might not uncover any use for it. But for amateurs and novices who just desire to boost their game, a bushnell golf rangefinder with slope can do a good deal of wonders.

The most effective golf rangefinder might help you program out distances in the course of practice rounds. It generally requires out the guessing game, because you do not need to guess the yardage variations triggered by uphill or downhill shots.

Best Bushnell Golf Rangefinder With Slope For 2018

bushnell pro x7 slope golf laser rangefinder with jolt

Bushnell Pro X2

We’re quite excited regarding the Bushnell Pro X2! Bushnell was fast to adapt for the 2016 rule modification that produced rangefinders with Slope legal so long as the slope mode could possibly be turned off for competitive rounds. The sophisticated faceplate hardware alter is no longer necessary, so Bushnell place a straightforward toggle switch around the side from the unit. The Pro X2 utilizes Dual Show technologies that enables the user to select regular black or red VDT for displaying distance info. Just press the logo around the side on the rangefinder although ranging to switch modes. This unit also attributes 6x magnification, is completely waterproof, has Jolt technologies that vibrates when it locks the pin, and it ranges accurately to inside a half yard.

Magnification Slope Weight Legal
6x Both 8 oz Yes* When Slope Switch is turned off

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift

The Bushnell Tour V4 Shift replaces the Tour V4 Slope model. Each are legal in USGA competitions that let rangefinder so long as the Slope function is disabled. The distinction is the fact that the V4 Shift includes a slider switch around the side which is straightforward to make use of and displays around the outdoors in the unit when it's in Slope mode. We like this improvement in the Bushnell V4 Slope that gave no indication in the mode till you looked into it. This model will probably grow to be the best-selling laser golf rangefinder with Slope around the market place. It has Pinseeker, Jolt, and 5x magnification.

Magnification Slope Weight Legal
5x Both 5.6 oz Yes* When Slope Switch is turned off

Bushnell Rangefinder Case

Bushnell laser rangefinders which use a laser beam to measure the distance among the ball the hole. In the event you Bushnell laser rangefinder, you possibly require a case to shield it whilst walking the golf course. You can find two kinds of cases: carrying cases, and protective cases:

  • Carrying cases: You insert your rangefinder into this sort of case, which comes using a magnetic catch to close it. There be an adjustable carrying strap. You might have to eliminate the rangefinder from its case if you to produce use on the rangefinder.
  • Protective cases: You will find silicone cases in which you spot your rangefinder, shield the rangefinder from acquiring . You'll be able to nonetheless access the rangefinder's controls even though it truly is housed inside the silicone case.
  • Dimensions: Take note in the dimensions of the rangefinder, and determine size from the case accordingly. version of rangefinder measures .7" x .08", then you are going to generally want a carrying case that measures 7" x 2" x 4". Custom Shop a silicone case that measures 1.5" x .3" x .9", and is for the V3 and V3 Slope rangefinders. But that may possibly not be for other Bushnell models.

Bushnell Golf Rangefinder Battery

If you are searching to get a replacement for the Bushnell golf rangefinder battery, we are able to aid! Not all Bushnell laser rangefinders take exactly the same battery, so find yours inside the list under. And do not neglect, it is usually a great thought to maintain a spare inside the bag!

Model Replacement Battery
Bushnell Pro X2

Bushnell Tour X

Bushnell Tour V4
Bushnell Tour V4 Slope

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift

Bushnell Tour V3

Bushnell Tour V3 Slope

Bushnell Tour Z6

Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt

Bushnell Tour V2

Bushnell Tour V2 Slope
3-Volt Lithium CR2
Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt

Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt Slope

Bushnell 1M
3-Volt Lithium CR123
Bushnell Medalist

Bushnell Pro 1600

Bushnell Pro 1500
9-Volt Battery
Bushnell Hybrid Not replaceable.

Hunting vs Golfing Rangefinders

Can I use a golf laser rangefinder for hunting? Can I use a hunting laser rangefinder for golf? I do not wish to get two laser rangefinders if one particular will do the job.

The answer is, yes, you are able to use a single laser rangefinder for each golf and hunting, in case you are cautious to pick a laser rangefinder which has the acceptable functions and menu possibilities for each golf and hunting. Not all laser rangefinders offer you this versatility, nonetheless, so you have to study the specs, very carefully. Then, as well, laser rangefinders that perform for each golf and hunting will usually price a lot more, but not as significantly as getting separate laser rangefinders for golf and hunting.

Hunting vs Golfing Rangefinders

Golf Laser Rangefinder

Initial, let's appear at what tends to make a golf laser rangefinder best for hitting the hyperlinks, then do the identical to get a hunting laser rangefinder. This will likely clarify why you have to be cautious when deciding on a laser rangefinder that could be employed for each golf and hunting.

A decrease priced golf laser rangefinder has what we contact nearest target priority software program - software program that automatically seeks the nearest target, namely the flag, and in the very same time ignores distant objects beyond the flag. This tends to make sense, since the flag is constantly the nearest target, unless you take place to seek out oneself back within the woods soon after a poor shot.

Hunting Laser Rangefinder

A reduced priced hunting laser rangefinder is equipped with distant target priority - software program that seeks distant objects and ignores objects which can be close. This can be variously referred to as zip mode, brush mode and so on amongst the makers. This really is quite acceptable for hunting since you might be almost usually inside a circumstance exactly where you desire a laser rangefinder to ignore close objects and seek game beyond the brush.

Wanting to make use of the Incorrect Rangefinder

In the event you select a golf laser rangefinder for hunting that only gives nearest target priority, you might be going to become frustrated when utilizing it for hunting since the rangefinder will likely be looking for out the nearest objects in front on the game, as opposed to the game animals themselves. That is not what you would like if you want to obtain a reading inside a hurry prior to your trophy buck disappears. Within the very same vein, in case you attempt to use a hunting laser rangefinder for golf that only provides a distant target priority mode, you happen to be going to possess a devil of a time targeting the flag, simply because the rangefinder will preserve wanting to target objects behind the flag, as an alternative to the flag, itself.

The Essential to Discovering the ideal Rangefinder

The crucial to discovering a rangefinder for each golfing and hunting is choosing a model that may switch back and forth in between nearest target priority and distant target priority by way of a menu selection. Thankfully, almost all mid-priced laser rangefinders supply this selection, but be sure you study the specs for all functions prior to producing your acquire to make sure you've what you may need. You will find other function variations amongst golf laser rangefinders and hunting laser rangefinders, but these you are able to perform about when switching among golf and hunting. A menu selection that makes it possible for you to switch amongst nearest target mode or distant target mode can be a deal breaker.

Recommended Rangefinders for Each Hunting and Golfing

Ultimately, listed here are several golfing and hunting rangefinders you could wish to think about. To get a golf laser rangefinder that will also be employed be utilized for hunting? Attempt the Bushnell Elite 1500 Golf Laser Rangefinder 205100. It provides a selectable nearest target mode (Bullseye mode) plus a distant target mode (Brush mode) and it is waterproof. If you are going to become hunting far more frequently than golfing, attempt the Nikon 1200 Group RealTree. It gives Nikon's Tru-Target ranging program which supplies versatile viewing along with your selection of initial target priority mode or distant target priority mode - just what you would like within a laser rangefinder that will be utilised for each golf and hunting.